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quotes by julia

Postby mcv on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:01 pm

thought i'd just share these quotes. blast from the past but quite fascinating.

Roberts seems anxious to say the right things to promote her new movie, but her composure slips slightly when she is asked about criticism from other actresses for playing a Cinderella hooker in Pretty Woman, her breakthrough hit.

``People will find fault where they want to find fault,`` she says. ``But somehow they don`t mind being vocal about what they don`t like about me. Maybe I don`t like everything they`ve done, but I`ve never said anything unkind about another actress in an interview.``

http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1991-1 ... rbell-hook

i always believed and have wondered why julia seems to be a little distant towards some of her female costars (like juliette lewis, for example) and have always been willing to believe that it's just their personalities not blending but i wonder if this early exposure towards other actresses remarking about that pretty woman role (i know pfeiffer and a bunch of others have said some condescending shit about the movie) have made her cautious and guarded. i can't blame her. i like those actresses but will always hate them a little for what they said about pretty woman. it's a rom com, u whores, don't take it seriously. god!
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